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Your First Professional Escort Booking: 10 Tips You Can't Afford To Miss

April 21, 2022

Is this your first time booking a professional escort and you're not sure how it works? Or are you an experienced client who feels like something is missing? Here are some tips to always get your money's worth and make the most of your time with a Companion. These tips apply whether you book with an escort agency or with an independent escort!

1. Book ahead of time

We know that booking an escort can sometimes be a spontaneous treat, something you don't necessarily think about until the day itself, but calling an escort agency at 10 pm to ask if they can send someone in half an hour will usually end in disappointment. Not only do escorts need time to prepare and travel, but they are also likely to have settled on the couch to watch some Netflix by that point. Of course you get the occasional escort who is desperate for business and happy to go out at 1 am to meet you in a car-park, but is that the kind of companion you want? Our Companions know there are more fish in the sea, and will choose the early birds over the midnight callers. Booking a few days or more in advance allows you to look forward to your meeting, and takes away the stress of waiting for a reply to a same-day request. Always confirm your booking on the actual day to make sure you're all set. If your Companion knows you are a serious client she will put more effort into preparing for your date than if she thinks you may not show up.

2. Request specific services in advance

Although independent escorts may be particular about which services they provide, escort agencies are fairly 'all-inclusive'. Of course you pay for the Companion's time only, but services like French kissing, oral, bdsm and role play are all considered standard. Agencies will not provide bareback services, and will expect their escorts to get regular health check-ups. If you are looking for a service that is a bit less 'vanilla', such as A-levels or watersports, you always want to double-check this with the agency or independent escort in advance. In addition, if you are looking for a specific experience (like the Girlfriend experience, Virgin experience or Pornstar experience), mention this beforehand so your Companion can prepare. Stating your preferences and expectations to the agency or escort beforehand means you don't have to discuss them during your booking!

3. Let her know what to wear

Professional escorts are always well-dressed: an elegant evening dress for a dinner date, or a sexy cocktail dress for a hotel meet. But if you want your Companion to be your dream woman, you may want to think about what you'd like her to wear more specifically. Something sexy and red? Something leather? Something elegant and silky? Stockings? Lacy lingerie? No need to overthink things if something doesn't come to mind: you can still ask her to wear 'something sexy' or 'something cute'. Picturing your Companion in some sexy outfits is surely part of the anticipatory fun!

4. Ask her to bring something fun

Most escorts will own some toys and a pair of handcuffs, why not ask her to bring them? This could be anything from vibrators to blindfolds to a sexy school uniform: escort agencies are used to these requests so don't hesitate to ask! If there's something you'd really like to use together that she doesn't have yet, you can always buy something for the occasion and ask her to use or wear it during your meeting. Stay polite when making these kinds of requests- they are merely preparation for your booking and not a form of 'sexting'.

5. Prepare the venue

Whether you meet, or finish, at your home or in a hotel, a few preparations will make your booking a lot more relaxing and pleasurable. Make sure the room is tidy: no thorough cleaning is required, but moving your clothes from the floor onto a chair will already put you and your Companion in a more romantic mood. Making the bed, perhaps adding some nice pillows that can be thrown off in the midst of passion, is a must: you don't want your Companion to think you just rolled out of bed when she arrives! Some background music will help you both relax, and turning down the lights a little creates an intimate atmosphere. Prepare some wine or water glasses, or whatever you'd like to sip on while getting to know your Companion.

6. Prepare yourself

The better the impression you make on your Companion, the more attracted she will feel to you and the more she will enjoy herself and make an effort to please you. Shower, shave and put on a nice shirt and we guarantee your Companion will be eager to see you more often! Brush your teeth and take some mints before your booking as well, for obvious reasons. Looking and smelling your best will not only impress your Companion, but also give you more confidence and help you feel less nervous.

7. Get payment out of the way early

Many people feel uncomfortable bringing up the topic of payment, worrying that it may ruin the mood. For this reason it's best to get it out of the way as soon as possible. Some agencies allow you to pay by bank transfer beforehand, but if you prefer cash just place it in an envelope and hand it to the Companion when she arrives. Make sure to double-check the amount in advance to prevent awkwardness. If during the booking you feel you may like your Companion to stay longer, be prepared to pay in advance. Make sure you have extra cash on-hand for this situation, or make a bank transfer. Don't worry too much: a professional escort will know how to deal with payments in a polite and pleasant way and make you feel at ease.

8. Treat it like a date

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice. There's a reason you have booked an actual person and not a sex-doll, namely that you want to spend time with a real woman, so treat her like one! A meeting with a high-class escort is like a very successful first date, without the stress and insecurity: have a drink together, chat a bit, give each other compliments, share a first kiss, slowly undress each other and then move on to more passionate pursuits. Maybe you'd even like to give her a present at the start: many agencies have Gift Tips on their profiles. It doesn't need to be something expensive though: some chocolate, flowers, or a small perfume bottle will instantly make you Client of the Month.

9. Communicate and connect

Following on from the previous point, intimacy is better when you share a connection. Be curious about your Companion: realise that she has a life outside of escorting and ask her about Oxford, her hobbies or movies she likes. Don't ask anything too personal, keep it light. If this is your first time with an escort, share this with her so she knows you may be nervous and can help you relax. High-class escorts love meeting new people, so tell her a bit about yourself if you like. Give her a compliment and share some jokes together. Escorts are usually good at initiating intimacy, but if you'd like to initiate and don't know how, try offering her a massage, or ask to take off her shoes. These are just a few examples of cute ways to show her you'd like to take things further. Building a little intimacy like this will help you share a meaningful connection with your Companion, and leave you both smiling even after she leaves.

10. Leave a review for your professional escort

Leave a review on the escort agency's website, or on forums such as UKPunting or UKEscortRankings. Reviews are helpful for both clients and escorts: they help clients find and choose reliable and attractive escorts, while providing helpful feedback to the Companion. A good review can secure more and better clients for the Companion, and she will be delighted to hear you had a good time. In a small city like Oxford, reviews are essential to finding a quality escort!

With these tips, your first booking with a Companion should be a guaranteed success. If you still have doubts, feel free to contact us via email with all of your questions!

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