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Oxford Escorts VS Sugarbabies:
6 Reasons Why You Should Avoid The Sugar Trap And Become A Companion

March 26, 2022

Sugar dating is the glamourous new way for young attractive women to earn some money on the side. Because it is presented as dating, and therefore explicitly not prostitution, many people see it as a ’better’ and somehow more ethical alternative to high-class escorting. This is a mistake. Sugarbabies often put themselves in vulnerable, stressful positions for relatively little reward. Here are some reasons why you should consider becoming a Companion instead.

1. Independence

As a Sugarbaby you are reliant on your Sugardaddy for your income. This puts enormous pressure on you to please him at all times and can easily lead to you doing things you are not comfortable with, just so as not to jeopardize your income. As an Oxford Escort YOU are in charge: you choose when you want to work, what you are comfortable with and with whom. If a client behaves inappropriately or requests things you are uncomfortable with, you can leave and do not have to see him again- there are always more fish in the sea! Your income will not depend on one man’s opinion, and outside of work times you do not have to worry about what your clients think.

2. Saving time and effort

A Sugardaddy will likely want to spend a lot of time with you: your meetings will take up entire evenings, days or weekends. In addition to that you will spend a lot of time researching Sugarbaby websites, chatting to Sugardaddies online, going on unpaid first dates that lead to nothing, negotiating your way to an actual allowance, and chatting with your Sugardaddy when you are not together. As an Oxford Escort you don’t need to do any of this: you merely take some time to get dressed for a booking, spend one to several hours with your client, and then go back home. Job done!

3. Higher income

Oxford Escorts are paid by the hour, while Sugarbabies are paid in gifts or an allowance. In some rare cases this allowance might be quite high (sometimes between 500-2500 per month), but still does not reflect the amount of time and effort you put in. One entire weekend spent with a Sugardaddy would not earn you nearly as much as one overnight booking as a High-Class Escort. Sure, your Sugardaddy will take you on a fancy week holiday to Paris, but as an Oxford Escort that one week could earn you enough money to take yourself on a fancy holiday without him!

4. No strings attached

What most people don’t realise is that sugar dating involves a full-blown relationship. If you think they’re going to shower you with presents and money without consequences, think again! Your Sugardaddy will want you to be exclusively his, so you can forget about having a dating life outside of him. You will have to prioritize him over your friends, and in some cases might be introduced to his parents. Moreover, a relationship comes with emotional ballast: your Sugardaddy will be looking for a genuine connection, or at least proof of your devotion and adoration for him. This is something that is difficult to fake, and spending great amounts of intimate time with someone you’re not in love with or even find mildly annoying takes a toll on your mental health. As an Oxford Escort on the other hand, you only spend brief amounts of time with people, and clients have no expectations of you outside of that time. All communication happens via the agency, and your private life will remain your own.

5. Never get bored

Meeting new people from all walks of life is fun! Being an Oxford Escort is like going on lots of first dates: you meet a new person, spend enough time with them to get to know their story and have fun, but then leave before they get tedious. If you are good at your job, your client will be over the moon with you and by the end of the evening you’ll have conquered his heart. You never have to go beyond this point and listen to him complain about his job or discover his casually racist views on immigration. The thrill of walking into a hotel lobby in your femme-fatale dress wondering who you’re going to impress tonight beats meeting the same narcissistic man weekend after weekend and having to pretend you love watching sports.

6. Staying in Oxford

Sugardaddies often require you to travel to see them, or to join them on holidays. That may sound amazing at first, but not when you realise you have to be at his beck and call all the time. Combining this with your studies, sports club or ambitions to become president of the Oxford Union will be difficult. Cancelling a trip to Florida with your Sugardaddy because you have an essay due or a friend’s birthday party is not an option: he is the important one with the busy schedule, not you. As an Oxford Escort you don’t have to go anywhere, while at the same time being free to take time off whenever you want.


In short, Sugarbabies have to adapt themselves and their lives to the whims of a man, while our Companions are their own #Girlboss!

If you would like to learn more about becoming a High-Class Companion, have a look at our Recruitment page!

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