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Client Code of Conduct

Please be aware that by booking with us, you are agreeing to our Code of Conduct.

Here at Oxford Dodo Companions we want both our clients and Companions to enjoy a wonderful experience together. To ensure that your booking runs smoothly, we have collected some Dos and Don'ts.


Don't take photos or ask to take photos (or videos) of your Companion. Their privacy is very important as they are ambitious young women.


Always use protection: our Companions do not provide 'bareback' services, so please do not ask.


Don't cancel without notification: always let the agency know when you are late or unable to make your booking.


Don't be disrespectful: an escort is a well-educated lady that took some time off her agenda to meet with you. Don't be disrespectful or mean just because you feel that you are paying for her.


When going on a dinner date, always invite your Companion to a place that you can afford, so you can do her the courtesy of paying for the dinner.


Come alone: do not bring anyone else to the booking unless this has been agreed in advance. If your Companion finds an unexpected third party at her arrival she will leave immediately.


Respect her boundaries: if you have any requests for specific services or scenarios, discuss this with the agency beforehand so we can let you know whether your Companion will be happy to provide this.


Don't forget to groom yourself: being clean and smelling fresh is a basic sign of respect shown to your date. Your Companion will be impeccably groomed and well-dressed, so please return the favour.


Always pay at the start of a booking: paying your Companion can feel awkward, but it doesn't have to be. Make sure to double count the money and place it inside an envelope. When your Companion arrives, welcome her and hand her the envelope. It's easiest to get this out of the way immediately so your Companion doesn't have to ask for it.


If you wish to extend your booking, make sure you have the means to pay: prepare to have extra cash onhand, or make a paypal transfer. Do not ask your Companion to stay longer without payment, this is insulting and ruins the mood.

If you have any questions about our Code of Conduct, don't hesitate to contact us!

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